Project Publication
Year 2021
Client Daniela Takeva
Photocredits Tim Deniz Heide
Tags printed matter, art direction, books

"DAMASK – HOW SOON IS NOW?" is an artist's book initiated by Daniela Takeva. It is a collaborative research project that explores specific questions of non-linear thinking through text and images, aiming to address the question of "Now." The content is generated through the establishment of a network of contributors who collectively developed answers. The publication is characterized by a structural design that serves as a framework but exhibits a high degree of individuality in the individual contributions. The design plays a prominent role and can be seen as a translation of the artistic contributions. In the layout, written words converge at the points where questions are raised, representing the human moment of questioning as a moment of pause. The cover features a partial lacquer coating, creating a three-dimensional and tactile effect.

Opened book with a picture of a traffic mirror

Close up of the text

Opened book with black background and white type on it

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